Outdoor Saunas

Supreme artistry in making

At NN Saunas, the production of outdoor saunas is a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technological prowess and time-honored craftsmanship. Our commitment to excellence lies in seamlessly marrying modern techniques with traditional artistry.

Employing state-of-the-art technology, we guarantee a flawless fusion of construction components. Every bond undergoes rigorous testing to ensure not only resilience against the capricious elements of nature, but also the capacity to withstand the substantial temperature variations inherent in sauna usage. This meticulous testing accounts for the challenges posed by both weather influences and the material’s response to fluctuating temperatures.

Our approach not only speaks to the durability of our saunas but also reflects our dedication to providing an unparalleled experience. We recognize the importance of combining innovation with the proven methods of craftsmanship, ensuring that each outdoor sauna not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of quality, resilience, and performance. At NN Saunas, we take pride in pushing the boundaries to create a product that stands the test of time.

Use of natural materials

Your well-being holds paramount importance to us. At our core, we are dedicated to your health and comfort. In our commitment to this principle, we prioritize the use of natural materials wherever feasible. Our relentless dedication extends to a meticulous examination of every component, with a conscientious effort to replace any non-natural materials with suitable and sustainable natural alternatives.

By embracing this approach, we aim not only to create products that contribute to your relaxation and enjoyment but also to ensure that your well-being is upheld through a thoughtful and considerate choice of materials. This commitment to natural elements underscores our belief in harmony with nature, providing you with a sauna experience that is not only rejuvenating but also aligns with the principles of environmental responsibility. At every step, your health and the health of our planet are integral to our mission.

Energy efficience

Our commitment to providing maximum sauna pleasure aligns with our dedication to energy efficiency. In the design of our outdoor saunas, a central focus is minimizing energy consumption without compromising the indulgence of the sauna experience. An exclusive feature of our saunas is the use of ESG thermo glass, meticulously chosen to significantly reduce heat losses through expansive windows and doors.

By employing this high-quality, energy-efficient material, we’ve succeeded in creating outdoor saunas that boast nearly the same level of energy efficiency as their indoor counterparts. Our careful selection of energy-saving materials reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible design. Embracing innovation and mindful choices, we invite you to enjoy a sauna experience that not only maximizes pleasure but also minimizes environmental impact through optimized energy usage.

Internationally proven design

Our outdoor saunas not only stand as a testament to relaxation but also serve as a visual masterpiece, seamlessly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of both your home and estate. We prioritize the integration of visual components in our designs, ensuring a perfect fusion that complements and elevates the natural surroundings.

Immerse yourself in a world of artistic possibilities as you explore our extensive range of glass arts, decorative elements, diverse woods, distinctive shapes, captivating canopies, enchanting skylights, and thoughtfully curated lighting options. Each detail is meticulously crafted to not only match but to harmonize effortlessly with the environment, creating a captivating and harmonious retreat.

In our pursuit of excellence, we invite you to embrace the challenge of personalization, where your unique preferences and style preferences can be brought to life. Elevate your outdoor space with a sauna that not only offers a sanctuary for relaxation but also adds a touch of elegance and individuality to your estate.

Our design has been internationally awarded with a Red DOT Award in 2021 and 2023.

Our outdoor sauna family


Outdoor saunas with glass fronts create a real feeling of freedom.

Amadè XL

Your mirror fairy tale... extended

Amadè Panorama

180 degree of openness

Amadè Balcony

Private lodge - for two of us

Amadè Flora

Sauna with a living garden

Velden OD

Elegance with a wooden touch

Velden XL

Velden XL

Velden Woody

Heat, sweat and relax, powered by wood

Ischgl OD

Starry sky at your reach

Sölden XL

Decorated sauna oasis


A tranquil sanctuary