Velden ID (Indoor Sauna)

Velden ID

Velden, our latest model inspired by our Red Dot award-winning outdoor sauna. In its original version, it boasts dark gray tinted glass and vertical decoration boards mounted on a dark foundation. For a touch of personalization, choose from a variety of High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) decors as an option.

Velden provides a serene and private sanctuary for users, emanating a sophisticated ambiance in any environment. Explore the array of glass tones available. LED lighting around the backrest and under the upper bench creates enchanting moments during your sauna experience.
Tailor your Velden with a selection of eight wood types and match it with one of our eight distinctive heaters. Infrared (IR) radiators offer flexibility, allowing placement in the wall, bench, or ceiling. Elevate your experience with optional features like a starry sky, reading lights, and more,

PDF Leaflet

PDF – Velden ID-flyer