St. Moritz (Indoor Sauna)

St. Moritz

A sauna with a more enclosed architecture, seamlessly integrating premium wood craftsmanship into your living space. The design features stylishly inclined backrests that not only enhance comfort but also elevate the aesthetic appeal. Choose from a range of glass tones to complement your interior.

Immerse yourself in enchanting moments with LED lighting strategically placed around the backrest and under the upper bench. This thoughtful illumination creates a magical ambiance throughout your sauna experience.

Customization is at the forefront with eight distinct wood options and a choice of eight different heaters, allowing you to tailor your sauna to your unique preferences. Infrared (IR) radiators provide flexibility in placement, whether in the wall, bench, or ceiling.

Elevate your relaxation with optional features like a starry sky, reading lights, and more, all available upon your request. This sauna represents the perfect blend of sophisticated design, premium materials, and personalized features, turning your wellness space into a sanctuary of style and comfort.

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