Kitzbuhel (Indoor Sauna)


Embracing the timeless essence of classic design, our sauna family, Kitzbühel, stands as a testament to enduring elegance. Characterized by vertical wooden boards that not only define the ambiance but also provide sturdy support for the benches, this sauna exudes purity through its clean lines.

Experience a sense of openness with two expansive glass walls, offering a spacious feel that can be further enhanced with optional tinting. Wooden round covers, matching the wood art of the walls, add a touch of continuity and refinement.

Indulge in enchanting moments as LED lighting graces the backrest and illuminates under the upper bench, creating a magical atmosphere throughout your sauna experience. Personalization is key, with options to choose from 8 distinct wood arts, 8 different heaters, infrared (IR) radiators, a starry sky, various control boards, and evaporators.

The Kitzbühel sauna comes in standard sizes of 200x160x200 cm and 200x200x200 cm, but we can customize these dimensions to meet your specific preferences. Step into a world where classic design meets modern luxury, where every detail is crafted to transform your sauna experience into a timeless retreat.

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