Sauna – Muster


Outdoor saunas with glass fronts create a real feeling of freedom. You can enjoy the view outside while taking a sauna, watch the birds in the garden or the clear starry sky while you indulge in peace and relaxation.

Mirrored glass also offers other advantages: it reflects the green of the surroundings and blends the cabin harmoniously and almost invisibly into the overall ambience of the garden. It also prevents a direct view of the interior of the sauna during the day, and even at night when the light is dim, the view of the interior is greatly reduced and allows for relaxed sauna use.

The balanced ratio between wood and glass elements also guarantees a pleasant sauna climate. Wood can absorb heat and moisture well, while glass heats up much more. All glass viewing elements therefore consist of 2 x 6 mm ESG thermal glass – the glass paneling behind the wooden wall is made of hardened 8 mm ESG safety mirror glass with a black enamel background.

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