Amadè Balcony

Amadè Balcony

Driven by the diverse needs of our customers and the limited availability of space, we have ventured into the development of compact outdoor saunas. Aptly named “Balcony Saunas,” these smaller units are designed to fit seamlessly onto smaller spaces like balconies, provided the conditions are suitable. Unlike their larger counterparts, these saunas are tailored for 2-3 persons, offering an intimate yet spacious experience.

In addition to the standard configuration, we provide flexibility in door placements, glass types, and orientations, allowing customers to customize their sauna to suit their preferences and the layout of their outdoor space. Notably, the sauna’s relatively lower weight makes it suitable for placement on areas that may not be as statically sustainable.

Experience the bliss of a sauna on your balcony without compromising on quality or comfort. Our Balcony Saunas blend innovation, adaptability, and a sense of freedom, ensuring a rejuvenating escape within the confines of limited space.

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